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Guiding you towards transformational growth and self-awakening. 

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The Inner art of intentionally sending my soul on a journey to the spirit realms to seek and retrieve spiritual teachings from guides, animals and plant life. This allows a better understanding of yourself and your true place in the big scheme of life. Journey messages will often come in the form of symbols, which have a depth that only becomes clear over time.

  • what is your power animal $50
  • spirit world messages $80

Art by Sarah W: In this custom package you will receive your power animal journey write up from me and a custom 5×7 painting of the power animal from Sarah (wording tbd).

  • Investment $87 


A Spiritual healing method that gives direct access to one’s High Self through a series of charts that lead to identifying and releasing any accumulated discordant energies, blocks, and negative subconscious mind programs from your past, present and even future lives. Once clear your soul is free to move into its full expression of joy, prosperity, love, abundance, confidence and so much more!

  • Initial $120
  • Maintenance sessions
    • In-person $90
    • Remote $60


A protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. I believe it’s also medicine for the soul and a physical manifestation of our connection to the Spirit world. I use red willow that I hand pick all while giving gratitude and an offering back to nature. The red willow offers spiritual protection, alongside growth and harmony. Once the willow is tied together I say a prayer of gratitude for the client and I am presented with a sacred hoop design. From there I incorporate different crystals depending on the message i receive from Spirit.

  • Small $33
  • Medium $44
  • Large $63


Every space and soul has a history of events that have left imprints. I come in and work energetically with Spirit, calling in light, to release negative energy that no longer serves the space/soul, allowing your own energy to flow for intention, balance and growth!

  • Land, home $100
  • Room, self $60