In the Indigenous culture, traumatic life experiences, at any level, can cause soul fragments, causing these soul pieces to disassociate, resulting in soul loss.  Disharmony and fear can manifest as physical or psychological symptoms and should be dealt with at an energetic and spiritual level for true healing to occur.

So what is the process?  During the soul retrieval ceremony, I embark on a Shamanic Journey, with the assistance of my helping spirits to locate the lost soul parts which are ready and willing to return to you! I do this by building a trusting relationship with the lost souls, convincing them to return their original owner.  One they agree, they are gathered into my soul catcher, and reintroduced, through me, by blowing them into your body through the chest and crown of the head.


As a young child I was surrounded by many passing’s of loved ones and I was the one left in the room, to guide their souls into the light.  It was a comfort to me and a gift to my departed loved ones.  Now, as an adult I see the need for this on a broader scale.  Until help comes fourth, these lost spirits make thier presence known, whether it be a home, land or even within furniture.  As a shaman I work directly with the earth-bound spirits through a shamanic journey, guiding them to the light. 


A non-invasive vibrational energy based healing modality.  It combines knowledge of music and sound theory, the philosophies of Classical Chinese Medicine through esoteric study, alchemy, shamanism, theosophy and sacred geometry.